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7 Great Ideas for Baby Classes and Early Activities

7 Great Ideas for Baby Classes and Early Activities


If you have recently had a baby, or have a little one approaching the age where it’s time to sign them up for baby classes, keep reading! This article is going to break down everything you need to know about baby classes and early activities.

When your baby turns about eight or nine months old, you may notice that they seem to need a bit more social interaction. They become curious about others, may be crawling all over the house, and getting into everything, and may become bored more quickly. For some, this happens around eight months of age, while others may not see this change until closer to a year. While every baby is different, it doesn’t hurt to start brainstorming some fun baby class and activity ideas you can do when baby is ready!

Here are some great class and early activity ideas that you can start to incorporate into your little one’s day once they are developmentally ready.

#1 Infant/Toddler Gym Classes: Do you have a super active baby that would absolutely love to just get into a little kid’s gym and explore? Luckily, more and more kid gyms are starting to pop up. These gyms offer things like infant and toddler play classes where they work on different developmentally appropriate skills. It is also a great time to introduce them to other kiddos if they have yet to have a playdate. It can be really fun for both mom and baby and can be a great way to get your little one tired out for a good afternoon nap too!

#2 Library Classes: Libraries are great, and they usually offer some type of free kids program at least once a week. You may be able to find a music, art, or socialization class at your local library. Not only are these classes generally free, but it’s also a great way for mom to meet some fellow mom friends. It could turn into a great social time for both mom and baby.

#3 Art Classes: If your little one is a little older, they may be ready for something a little more structured like art classes. These classes can be super fun and hands-on for kiddos who love to get into different things. Even if you aren’t ready to sign up for an official class yet, you can get some kid-safe arts and crafts to enjoy at home on a rainy day. Kids love to paint, play with playdoh, and learn how to draw.

#4 Sensory Toys: As your baby grows, they will start to crave some sensory stimulation. The great news is that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on expensive sensory integration toys. These can get pricey fast! Instead, check out Pinterest and type in “sensory toys for infants,” or “sensory toys for toddlers.” You will find dozens of fun ideas to keep your baby entertained and engaged with stimulating toys.

#5 Play Kitchen: Is your little one ready to be a master chef? Ok, maybe not, but babies love getting into Tupperware or playing with spatulas and other utensils. Why not get them their own kid-friendly options? You can find really inexpensive play kitchen accessories at Ikea. Things like spatulas, pots, and pans, play fruit and veggie baskets, and even a play kitchen for under $100! This is the perfect toy for the kiddo who loves to get into mommy’s baking supplies. Plus, the fruit and veggie basket make a great way to play up just how delicious fruits and veggies are. They may even want to eat more when it comes to dinner time if they are preparing their own in their play kitchen.

#6 Music: Instruments are a great way to introduce your baby to new sounds and to help them learn how to use their tactile skills. Again, Ikea is great for things like this. You can get little maracas and other unique little instruments that will entertain your baby for hours.

#7 Get Outside: When all else fails, get outside. Not only will the fresh air be good for your little one, it will be great for you. Go to the park, or just go for a walk. A walk is something you can do from the newborn phase all the way up until your child is all grown up. Walking can help calm both mom and baby, so don’t be afraid to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. You may also be surprised to see that getting daily fresh air often helps baby sleep better. Win, win!

As your little one gets bigger, you may become stumped when it comes to how to entertain them. Try using these seven tips, and remember that you don’t have to spend a ton of money. Kids can be entertained with just a handful of supplies, or by getting out of the house and going to a free library program. Choosing two or three from this list and changing them up from time to time is the perfect way to help your baby learn and grow and also keep them busy all day long.

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