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Don't Know What a Babymoon is? Trust Us, You'll Need it!

Don't Know What a Babymoon is? Trust Us, You'll Need it!


         So you think you have you done everything you need to prepare for the new baby? You’ve picked out the baby furniture and decorated the nursery, registered for your baby shower, and even picked out the little one’s name, what could there possibly be left to do? What about going on a babymoon? Perhaps you have heard others mention it but are not sure exactly what it is or why you need it, trust us when we tell you, you will definitely NEED it!

         A babymoon can be as simple as stealing away to the nearest spa for a weekend of relaxation and bliss with your partner, or as extravagant as jetting off to Hawaii or Europe on that dream vacation you have talked about for years but never got around to planning. Either way, when your little bundle of joy has arrived and your maternity leave is nearing its end you will have wished you took our advice and got away when you had the chance. Here are the top 5 reasons you need a babymoon ASAP, and some advice on how to make the most of the experience!

  1. Spend precious alone time together before baby arrives. Before there was a house and a mortgage, a daily grind with jobs, chores, and responsibilities, and a new life rapidly approaching, there was just the two of you. Revisit those times when you would walk along the beach hand-in-hand or finish that Netflix series that you have been dying to watch while chilling in a gorgeous hotel room. Whatever it is that you have been putting off, do it now, before there is nothing but endless poopy diapers, late night feedings and possibly another body taking up space in your bed.
  2. Because you deserve to be pampered! Pregnancy is hard, plain and simple. You should be pampered with room service, massages, and get to sleep in as late as you want, if only for a few days out of the nine months you are growing a human inside of you. Not to mention your significant other could more than likely use the same. Indulge away during this babymoon and take advantage of not having to do dishes or clean up after yourself or anyone else.
  1. To visit a place you have never been before. How many times have the two of you talked about taking a trip to see the Rockies or getting away to Jamaica for a few days? There is definitely no time like the present. Let’s be honest, traveling with a baby is not easy, so take the trip now while it is still just the two of you. Well, the two of you earth side any way. You will have a lot less gear to haul around and who knows, maybe you will end up taking baby back to the same place someday to recreate those memories family style.
  1. To show off that beautiful baby bump. Maternity clothing stores (well, hello Bump Girl!) have been popping up more and more over the past decade or so. Flaunt that beautiful belly like you stole it girl! Pregnancy is a time when women should feel confident and gorgeous, and wearing something super cute can only help that situation. Just be sure that you are cool and comfortable and if you will be walking a lot wear comfortable shoes as well. After, we are goddesses with the superpower of creating and sustaining life for the better power of a year...rock it out girl!
  1. You will not feel like traveling, or doing much of anything for the first few months. There is a reason why all of your friends with babies look sleep deprived, that is if you ever actually see them! It’s because they most certainly are sleep deprived, and you will be too! Babies have irregular sleeping patterns when they are born. Some sleep all day and are awake all night. And when they do learn to sleep more regularly, some of them have a very hard time learning how to fall asleep on their own, or stay asleep for a very long time. If you are one of the lucky ones, you will have a baby who does not go through any type of sleep regression, but if you are not, best of luck to you. Not to mention the fact that your body just went through one of the most difficult experiences the human body can endure. It takes time to bounce back from that and although you may feel as if you need a vacation, your body and your little one may not be ready.
  1. Bonus: A babymoon is a great way to get in some quality family time. If this is not your first baby, your older children have no doubt begun to realize that they will no longer be the focus of all your attention. They will also transition as you bring your new bundle of joy home. Squeeze in some one on one time doing their favorite activities now and talk about how the love of your family will expand and change as your new little one arrives. Ask them questions, talk about how they feel, what they are nervous or scared about once baby arrives and come up with strategies to alleviate their nervousness. Also pick out some easy activities or special dates to do at home with just them after baby arrives.

         A babymoon is a great way to relax and unwind before the chaos of parenthood ensures. However you choose to get away make sure to take plenty of rest, eat properly and drink lots of water, and feel great in your skin. Try taking your adventure sometime during your second trimester. This way that pesky morning sickness has worn off and you will have a renewed energy for fun. Enjoy each other and your babymoon!

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