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10 Awesome Baby Shower Ideas: #5 is a Must Do!

10 Awesome Baby Shower Ideas: #5 is a Must Do!


Baby showers are one of the fun parts of pregnancy. You get to shower your little one with all kinds of much-needed gifts from friends and family. Some mommas will have friends and family throw their shower for them, while others would prefer to be a bit more involved and plan it themselves. No matter what option you choose, it is sure to be a ton of fun. Plus, planning a baby shower means you get to come up with a theme, and who doesn’t love an adorable baby themed party?

Let’s take a look at 10 awesome baby shower ideas for the mom to be.

#1 Throw a Co-Ed Shower: Baby showers traditionally only include the women in the momma’s life, but nowadays co-ed showers are becoming more popular. Co-ed showers allow the husbands to join along with other male family members and friends. This can be a fun way to get everyone involved in spoiling both mom and baby.

#2 Throw a Diapers Only Shower: Some moms are already super prepared and don’t need anything off of their registry. For family members, you may still want to spoil the mom to be, so instead, you can throw a diaper only shower. This can be one of the most thoughtful ways of showing the new mom love and can help her save a ton of money in the first couple of months.


#3 Host a Gender Reveal Shower: If the mom is throwing her own baby shower, and has yet to announce the gender of her baby, it can be really fun to host a gender reveal shower! Request that everyone bring gender neutral presents and announce the gender in a creative way. An adorable way to do this is by filling the inside of cupcakes with pink or blue frosting or doing a balloon pop with pink or blue glitter.

#4 Make the Shower Holiday Themed: Are you throwing a baby shower around a big holiday? Maybe it’s the Christmas season or Easter is right around the corner. Incorporate some festive decorations into the shower for a unique theme.


#5 Have a Mom-Osa Bar: If you are hosting a brunch baby shower, set up a “mom-osa” bar with some virgin mimosas and some sweet treats.

#6 Make it Dessert Themed: Who doesn’t love dessert? A dessert themed baby shower means less meal prep work for you, and you can get creative with lots of sweet treats everyone will love. Cupcakes, donuts, and even custom-made candies are all great options for a unique baby shower.

#7 Pick a Cute Theme: Picking a theme for your baby shower can be super fun! It can help with the décor selection too. Some cute ideas would be a BBQ, an ice cream social, or a floral theme for a baby girl.

#8 Have it Outside: Don’t have a venue to host the shower? No problem! An outdoor baby shower is perfect for the warmer months, plus you can turn it into a cute picnic or BBQ theme.

#9 Make it Buffet Style: Instead of serving a sit-down meal, why not make it buffet style? This will take pressure off the host and allow more time to pamper the mom to be.

#10 Plays Some Games: Baby showers are always more fun when there are games. Games can be a great way to break the ice and get everyone talking. Some great games ideas would be having a diaper raffle, guess the baby food, and bobbing for bottles.

Have fun at your baby shower! It’s a time to soak in all the love from friends and family as they shower you with gifts to prepare for the arrival of your bundle of joy. If you are hosting the shower use these tips to make the most memorable baby shower for your momma to be.

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