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7 Adorable Ways to Document Your Baby Bump

7 Adorable Ways to Document Your Baby Bump


You’re having a baby! AHHH! Congratulations! Growing a tiny human is sure to be one of the most amazing times of your life. Of course, like any wonderful season, it’s not without its BUMPS (ha, see what I did there?!), but it’s so completely worth all of the highs and lows when you finally hold that sweet babe in your arms.

So, to celebrate this amazing new life, let’s find a great way to show off that precious baby bump of yours as it keeps growing and changing. Whether it’s for updating your faraway friends and family or to keep for yourself to look back on one day, you’ll be so glad you have something to remind you of this sweet time in your life. And, gosh, with all these maternity clothes getting so stinking cute and stylish now, you’ll look and feel super adorable for all your documentation photos. So, here are my top 7 absolute favorite ways to document your baby bump! 


  1. A View from Above

One of the cutest ways I’ve seen to document that growing bump is to take pictures of it from your own vantage point. This is one I wish I had done when I was pregnant with my little one because it’s so cute to look at when you put all the photos together. So, when you take your weekly or monthly photos, hold the camera in the same place each time so that you can really see the changes happening. Take the photo from about chin height, getting your belly, feet (while you can still see them), and ground beneath you in the shot. For some added personality, wear the same outfit in every picture to make the changes appear more dramatic or include some small hints about the time of year near your feet, like fall leaves and boots for the fall months or grass and wildflowers with sandals for spring time! Have fun with it and be sure to show that beautiful belly! 


  1. Sexy Silhouettes

Have y’all seen those pictures of totally stunning women about to become moms for the first time, second time, even fifth time?! I’m always in awe at how gorgeous these ladies look as their shape changes each week. The silhouette is one of the most class ways of keeping track of the growth throughout the weeks because it’s so simple and beautiful. There are many ways to achieve this effect in your photos, but the easiest way I’ve found is to take the picture with light coming from behind you and then edit the photo by changing the contrast and brightness until you get the look you want. It’s so easy to feel frumpy or chunky when you’re pregnant, but this is a perfect way to highlight the beauty in spite of the feelings. The reality is that you are stunning, whether you feel it or not, and are growing a little human…that’s incredible and you rock, girl!


  1. Fun with Food

You probably already have one of those apps that tells you how big your baby currently is by comparing your little one to some type of food, right? Well, why not use that to your advantage and document how big your baby is by taking a picture with the kind of food they are that week! Usually, it starts with something super small, like a blueberry, and keeps growing through some kind of huge squash. This is an awesome way to keep track of your baby’s growth because it gives your pictures some different colors and variety, but also shows off your cute belly. Take a photo of your belly with the food in front of it and include a side profile picture of your belly too if you want to! To add a personal twist on it, choose a favorite food of yours that is close to the same size of the food the app is telling you. Instead of a peach, maybe you want to use a donut…with frosting…and sprinkles. Just saying.

  1. Lovely Letter Boards

Is there anything more adorable than a moment captured and commented on with a letter board? Not in my opinion. I think letter boards are just about as cute as it gets. So, obviously, using them in your bump pictures makes everything that much cuter. Keep it simple and just write how many weeks along you are on the letter board in a picture with your bump. Or, if you’re feeling more creative, write how you’re feeling, what you’re constantly craving, or what’s currently going through your head about your pregnancy in general. Quotes like, “Hello third trimester, goodbye toes!”, “28 weeks and the waddle is strong”, or “34 weeks: Yes, the sound effects are totally necessary” are some adorable examples. Bonus: you can bring it full circle by introducing your little one to the world with their name, birthday, and birth weight on the letter board once he or she arrives! Keep it going with monthly or weekly photos of your little one as they grow.

  1. Frame It

Go ahead and start by heading out to Hobby Lobby (as if you need an excuse to drop in to that blissful place) or to your living room because you’re going to need your favorite frame for this one. Now there are a few different options for this idea. Option 1: Print out the number of weeks along you are in a cute way, with some kind of shape or design around it or even just using a super fun font. OR, Option 2: Frame a pretty piece of scrapbook paper and write the number of weeks along you are on top of the glass in the frame with a dry erase marker each week! Change it quickly and easily for every picture you take. Whichever you choose, this is a simple, sweet way to tell the world how much longer they have to wait to meet your sweet little bitty. Tiny Tip: match your outfit to your frame and design for a cozy, cohesive look.

  1. What’s Up, Mama?

What are you thinking, feeling, craving, sweet mama?! Another fun way to document your growing bump is to take a photo of a simple sign, print-out, or handwritten card telling how many weeks along you are and describing what’s going on with you during the week that you’re documenting. Each picture could be taken with your belly included or you could just show the sign, whatever you’re more comfortable with. Some details you could include on your sign could be:

  • how you’re feeling physically
  • thoughts you’re having about your pregnancy or the baby on the way
  • what you’re currently reading or watchin
  • what you’re wishing
  • what you’re craving
  • what you’re feeling emotionally
  • anything you’ve recently learned
  • what activities you’ve been up to lately
  • the best thing about your pregnancy to date
  • how big the baby is
  • any reports from the doctor…the list could go on and on!

Include anything that you feel would be nice to remember or that you want your baby to know one day. Get creative and make it personal to you and your family!

  1. Take Your Time

Last, but certainly not least, making a time lapse video of that beautiful belly getting bigger and bigger each week is bound to be an amazing keepsake to watch in the years to come. The easiest way to do this is to take a picture of yourself in the same spot every week/month/trimester (however often you want to see that bump get bigger) and then download a time-lapse video app, like Life Lapse or Framelapse, to piece all those photos into an awesome time-lapse video. You can do this with quick videos (1-2 seconds) or photos, both work well. Super easy and such a fun momento to keep forever!

Okay, Mama, I hope you found some fun inspiration in there! Just remember that any way you decide to document this special time and show off your baby bump will be super special if you let your creativity and personality shine through. You are beautiful and unique, just like that sweet baby who’s growing stronger and sweeter each day. Wishing you a happy, healthy pregnancy!

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