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Double Trouble: Preparing for Twins

Double Trouble: Preparing for Twins


Did someone say double trouble? Expecting a baby requires a ton of preparation, but expecting two babies means double the work! If you are expecting twins, you may be wondering how in the world you are going to get everything prepared in time for the little one’s arrivals. Don’t worry, I am going to break down some of the best tips for preparing for twins.

6 Tips for Preparing for Twins

#1 Prepare Early:

As soon as you find out you’re having twins, start
preparing! When you are only expecting one baby, it is common to wait
until the second or even the third trimester to get things ready. However,
when you need double of everything, it makes life so much easier to plan
as soon as you can.

#2 Stock up Each Time You go to the Store:

Every time you go to the store whether it’s the grocery store or Target, grab a pack or two of diapers and wipes. You will thank yourself when you have a nice stockpile when the babies arrive.

#3 Have a Baby Shower:

Maybe your friends and family are already throwing you one, but if not, don’t be afraid to throw your own baby shower! Having twins means you need twice as much, so don’t be afraid to throw a party and ask your friends and family for things you are going to need.


#4 Food Prep:

Start food prepping a few months before the babies are due and store the food in the freezer. Both you and your hubby are certainly going to need to eat after the twins arrive, and it may seem next to impossible to prepare any food once they are born. If you prepared freezer meals during your pregnancy, it’s one last thing you have to stress about once they are born.

#5 Organize Their Clothes by Size:

With double the trouble, you may find baby clothes quickly taking over your house! Make your life easier by organizing the clothes by size in the babies closet or closets. You can even find hangers that are labeled by month to help keep you see exactly how many clothes you have for each size group.


#6 Set up Help Before the Twins Arrive:

This is important if you are having one baby, but even more important when you are having twins. Setting up help before they arrive will really help you and your hubby. Think about what you will need help with the most. Do you need to find a pet sitter to help with dog walks or a house cleaner to help keep things clean

around the house while you take care of the babies? Don’t forget to ask
grandma and grandpa to stop by so you can take a shower and have a few
minutes to yourself. Get all of this organized before they arrive to help
reduce some stress on you once they come.

Preparing for twins can certainly be stressful. At times, you may wonder
how you will make it all work. However, with a little prep work, you will find
that it is totally doable. Starting planning early and rein in the
reinforcements to make sure that you and your husband have some time to
take care of yourselves as well. While it may be double the trouble, it is
also double the fun, so don’t forget to enjoy every moment of being a twin
mommy! Remember that the hard days will pass and that they will only be
so little for a very short period of time.

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