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Floral Fun: 7 Maternity Dresses You Will Love

Floral Fun: 7 Maternity Dresses You Will Love

When you’re pregnant, and especially during those lasts months of
pregnancy, you may want to literally live in maternity dresses. They are
comfortable, don’t pinch on your beautiful growing belly, and they just make
you feel more put together.

Here at Bump Girl, we are so excited to offer a ton of different floral
maternity dresses that look beautiful on any glowing pregnant momma!

Whether you are looking for everyday styles, a cute summer dress, or a
dress to wear at the office, we have you covered.

Here are 7 floral maternity dresses and styles you will love and feel radiant

#1 High Low Dress: A cute high low dress is a great way to feel put
together for an evening out or just a fun day out with friends. The high low
appearance makes this dress just a little fancier than a dress that is all one

#2 Short Sleeved Maxi Dress: Our short sleeved maxi dresses make the
perfect outfit for spring, summer, or fall when paired with a lightweight
cardigan. They are full length and very comfortable which is ideal for any
pregnant momma. This style of dress can really grow with you throughout
your pregnancy.

#3 Maxi Dress Wrap: Another maxi dress that works really well during
pregnancy is a maxi dress wrap with ¾ sleeves. It is super flattering and
will show off your adorable bump beautifully!

#4 Sleeveless Dress: During the warmer months, you will want to stock up
on sleeveless dresses. They can be one of the most comfortable staples in
your closet as you power through the summer months being pregnant.

#5 Strapless: A strapless maternity dress is an adorable staple piece for
the summer as well. You can wear this to the beach or just on a day out
with friends or family.

#6 Formal Dresses: Chances are you will have some type of formal event
to attend at some point in your pregnancy. Shopping for the right dress
while pregnant can definitely be stressful. Things may be uncomfortable,
and you may even feel a little self-conscious. Don’t worry, we have you
covered! At Bump Girl, we offer a handful of different formal dresses that
will fit you at all different stages of pregnancy. Plus, you will feel great in
any one of our dresses, and you may even be able to wear it to more than
one event throughout your pregnancy!

#7 Casual Dresses: If you are just looking for a casual dress that you can
wear around the house on a day to day basis, you will find lots of options at
Bump Girl. You can also dress up one of our casual dresses to wear at the
office with a blazer and some jewelry. The best part about these dresses is
definitely the comfort factor which is super important during pregnancy!

Floral prints during pregnancy are not only flattering, but they are also
super stylish. Take a look at some of the floral prints we offer based on the
type of dress you are looking for. There is something for everyone no
matter what stage of pregnancy you are in or what type of dress you are
shopping for.

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