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Maternity / Nursing Tops: Look Cute in These!

Maternity / Nursing Tops: Look Cute in These!

If you are shopping for nursing tops, chances are you are preparing for the
arrival of your little one, or you just gave birth. You may be looking for
comfortable yet stylish nursing tops to make breastfeeding easier. This is
no easy feat. While breastfeeding can be so incredibly rewarding, it can
certainly ruin the plans you may have had to get back into some of your
pre-pregnancy clothes!


Many mommas underestimate just how challenging nursing can be without
wearing a nursing top. Not only are nursing tops specifically designed for
breastfeeding mommas, but they can make nursing in public so much
easier too. The problem is that these shirts aren’t all that stylish, at least the
ones you would commonly find shopping online or in stores.


This is why we created a specific maternity and nursing top line here at
Bump Girl. We wanted to offer new moms an easy way to breastfeed with
the use of our nursing tops without having to trade in their favorite shirt for
something not so cute.


Our nursing tops can be worn around the house, at work, or even on a
night out on the town. You would never know they were nursing tops and
they pair wonderfully with your favorite pair of jeans or paired with a skirt.
Plus, they are also great for pumping mommas too!


Our tops are also super flattering with their unique design so you can feel
confident wearing them.


Let’s take a look at some of the benefits moms find when using a nursing
top as opposed to a regular shirt while breastfeeding.


Benefits of Nursing Tops
● They help to cover up mom so she can feel more comfortable
breastfeeding in public.
● They make feeding your baby on demand so much easier.
● They look like regular tops, so when you invest in nursing tops, you
can wear them even when you are finished breastfeeding.
● They help to support a woman’s postpartum body.
● They work really well with nursing bras.

If you’re a first-time mom, it may be strange to think about buying clothing
specifically for nursing, but trust me, they are so worth it! Breastfeeding is a
demanding job, so why not make things easier on yourself by investing in a
couple of nursing bras before baby arrives. You will thank yourself the first-
time baby demands a feed out in public, or when the last thing you want to
do is put on an uncomfortable top you had from before pregnancy.


Make your breastfeeding journey just a little easier with the use of a super
cute nursing top.

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