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5 Must Read Pregnancy Books That Will Ensure You're Well Prepared

5 Must Read Pregnancy Books That Will Ensure You're Well Prepared


Many pregnant mommas get into reading whether they were bookworms before pregnancy or not. It’s not uncommon for new moms to stock up on pregnancy and parenting books. There are hundreds of book options out there, and many of them contain conflicting information, so it’s easy to become confused about what books to choose and which to skip.

Here’s the breakdown momma. Here are the five must-read pregnancy books you should add to your reading list as you cruise through the next nine months or however long you have left of this beautiful pregnancy journey.

These books are great resources, contain super useful information for both the new momma or the veteran mom, and some are even entertaining and light-hearted.



#1 What to Expect When You Are Expecting:

Ah the classic! This classic book is still one of the most purchased pregnancy books. It is extremely comprehensive and will provide you with information that both new moms and moms of more than one will find very useful. Plus, you can download the app on your phone which will provide you with daily updates on your growing baby’s development each day.



#2 The Birth Partner:

This is an excellent book that both you and hubby can read together. It is great for new parents who are just embarking on this journey. It is perfect for the nervous dad-to-be as he navigates how to best support mom during pregnancy and childbirth. This book is definitely an excellent option for both mom and dad to read during pregnancy.



#3 The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth:

This is a wonderful book for the mom who is looking for a more natural approach to birth and parenting. However, even if you don’t plan to go au naturale, it still contains handy self-care tips and some super yummy pregnancy recipes. It also provides you with a thorough breakdown of pregnancy as you go through each week. The illustrations in this book are also adorable and make for a really easy read, something us moms need when we are overburdened with all kinds of information.


#4 The Mindful Mom to Be:

All momma’s to be need to read this! This book is super useful for learning how to put your needs first and take extra great care of yourself during pregnancy. Not only is this information useful during pregnancy, but the tips and tricks will become valuable after baby is born. It is also written by a Doula, so she provides you with tips coming from real life experience.


#5 The Whole 9 Months:

Looking for something a little less traditional? This recipe and nutrition book is great for anyone who is looking to boost their diet during pregnancy. The great thing about it is that it contains recipes that you can enjoy long after pregnancy and recipes that the whole family can enjoy.



If you find yourself stocking up on dozens of books during pregnancy, but haven’t been able to find many that are too helpful, give these a try! These books are highly reviewed by many, many pregnant moms and they contain super useful information. Plus, they aren’t difficult to read and can become go-to resources as you navigate through your nine months of pregnancy and beyond.

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