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9 Memorable Ways to Say “I’m Pregnant!”

9 Memorable Ways to Say “I’m Pregnant!”

 You just found out that your life is about to change forever in the best possible way…you’re PREGNANT! Congratulations! Growing a tiny human is one of the most rewarding times of your entire life…welcome to motherhood! News so incredibly special simply must be announced to the world in a unique, adorable way, but how to do it? Whether you want to tell your friends and family about your newest addition in a sweet, funny, or even yummy way, you’re sure to find some inspiration here on how to break the big news. Good luck choosing just one favorite!

  1. Tiny Versions of ANYTHING

This idea is so simple and sweet, as well as easy to incorporate your own tastes into! Just grab your favorite thing in a normal size and then find a baby-size version to put next to it. There are so many ways to make this kind of announcement personal to you and your family. A few of my favorites are:

  • Two bikes next to a sweet, little tricycle. Oh MY cuteness.
  • Two big coffee mugs with a tiny one out in front or next to them…cause you’re going to need so much coffee soon.
  • CONVERSE! Grab your favorite pair of chucks, plop them next to your partner’s, and go buy the tiniest pair you can find in a gender-neutral color (unless you already know your baby’s sex…two birds, one stone!). Snap a pic, DONE.

    1. Use Your Fur-Babies

    So many people have “babies” before they get pregnant for the first time…FUR-babies! Using your pets as a part of your announcement is fun because everyone gets to see a familiar face (your dog, cat, bird?) telling them the super wonderful news! You can pull this one off in a few different ways:

    • Have your fur-baby walk up to family and friends wearing a note on their collar announcing the news.
    • Position your pet next to your favorite pair of tiny shoes, custom onesie, or sonogram picture and post away!
    • Make a chalkboard, wooden, or even paper sign with “I’m going to be a big brother/sister” written on it. Hang it around your pet’s neck and have them waltz into the room during family dinner or take a picture to send to everyone.
    • Set up your favorite baby preparation book in front of your pet and take a picture s that it looks like they’re reading up on how to be a big helper when the baby comes.

    1. Say It With a Shirt

    If you love a good graphic tee, this is the announcement idea is for you. You can order tees to say just about anything these days, so the sky is the limit! You could buy a shirt for yourself and post a picture of it, or you could purchase shirts for the people you’re telling! Here are some ideas to start your inspiration:

    • For YOU: It’s not a food baby, About to mom so hard, Don’t eat watermelon seeds, Pregosaurus or Mamasaurus, Bun in the Oven
    • For your mom (Grandma): Only the best moms get promoted to Grandma, Best Grandma Ever, Grandma life is the best life
    • For your dad (Grandpa): Only the best dads get promoted to Grandpa, Best Grandpa Ever, Papa Bear
    • For your brother (Uncle): This is what an awesome uncle looks like, Unclesaurus, Promoted to Uncle
    • For your sister (Aunt): I’m not a regular aunt…I’m a cool aunt, Promoted to Aunt, Crazy

        sisters are the best aunties, Auntie Bear


    1. Give a Gift

    Giving a thoughtful, personal gift to announce your bun in the oven is a practical, adorable way to share the happy news. Gifts can range in price and complexity, so anyone can  

    • A calendar with your baby’s due date highlighted somehow, with a heart or seasonal shape.
    • A goodie box, filled with baby things…tiny shoes, a onesie, favorite baby book, sonogram picture, small stuff animal…you decide what special things to hide inside!
    • Mugs with “You’re going to be a grandma!” or “We’re having a baby!” written on the bottom or side.


    1. A Book Can Say It All

    Are you a bookworm and everyone knows it? Or do you just have a favorite book from your childhood? If so, this is for you. Choose your favorite pictures book about any topic related to babies, kids, or families and take a picture of you or your family reading it. Or, better yet, give that perfect book with a personal note written in the cover to your people to tell them about the little one on the way. Some of the cutest ones I’ve read are:

    • How to Babysit a Grandpa/Grandma by Jean Reagan
    • What to Expect When You’re Expecting by Heidi Murkoff
    • Welcome Little One by Sandra Magsamen
    • I Am a Big Brother/Sister by Caroline Jayne Church
    • Be Brave, Little One by Marianne Richmond

    1. Picture Perfect

    Pictures are some of the most precious ways to remember any kind of moment. I mean, aren’t you immediately taken back to a time or place when you see an old photo of something? Since pictures help us remember even seemingly insignificant parts of life, imagine what they do for the big, important moments! So, get creative and snap a memorable picture telling your big news! Some super cute ideas are:

    • Tell your partner by writing it on a chalkboard or sign and turn around to face them. Snap a picture capturing their reaction!
    • Hold up a chalkboard or sign with “+1” written on it for you and your partner to hold.
    • Set up a “classic” pregnancy scene: lots of weird or delicious foods, comfy clothes, and baby books to pose with.
    • Write the years that you, your partner, and your baby were all born or will be born in chalk. Then, stand next to your date, placing baby shoes next to his/her year and take a picture of all your shoes with your birth year.

    1. Baby Clothes

    So tiny, so simple, so perfect to tell everyone you’re expecting a tiny human! Purchasing a onesie with something sweet written on it is a surprising, unexpected way to announce your pregnancy! Maybe try something like:

    • Baby (Last Name)
    • Coming soon *due date*
    • Est. *Year baby will be born*
    • Our greatest adventure begins
    • Best news ever


    1. Baby’s First Picture

    Starting now, you’ll notice all the things that are a “first” for your sweet baby. First holidays, first trips, first foods, first outings…why not use their first picture to introduce them to the world? Here are some fun ways to use your sonogram picture:

    • Set up your sonogram picture next to your message written with Scrabble letters or letter board.
    • Hang your sonogram from a sign with the due date or month written close by.
    • Take a picture of your sonogram with something that’s special to you, like your pet or other family members.

    1. Note and Gift from the Tiny Human

    Want to make grandma or grandpa totally lose it with joy? Send them a note from your little one asking them to hang onto this precious object until they get here to get it from them! Simply attach the note to the tiny baby object and melt some hearts. Some precious ideas include:

    • Any kind of tiny outfit
    • A pacifier or bottle
    • A stuffed animal
    • Favorite baby book

    There are so many magical ways to introduce your pride and joy to the world. No matter how to choose to announce, enjoy every minute of this precious time and soak up all the love and support from those around you. Wishing you a happy, healthy pregnancy!

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