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About Us


Thank you so much for stopping by! We are SO excited to introduce you Saved by the Dress’ sister site: Bump Girl - Maternity Dresses!

We are an online women’s maternity boutique located in Miami, FL. Our mission here at Bump Girl is to provide you with high-quality maternity clothing at an affordable price, exceptional customer service and very fast shipping.  Our customer happiness is our main priority here at Bump Girl.

Check out our fun Bump Girl Blog for moms to be. Whether you are expecting your first, second, or third child, this blog will resonate with all moms!

Meet the Couple Behind Bump Girl

Meet Carla: Speech pathologist turned stay at home mom turned mom boss! Originally from Brazil, Carla’s vision of helping women feel and look their best without spending an arm and a leg came to light in 2013. Carla’s dream of opening an online boutique became a reality with the success of Saved by the Dress, an online women’s fashion boutique. Since opening Saved by the Dress, Carla saw a need to offer maternity clothing, so her and her husband Bill thought what better way than to offer a dedicated website to maternity fashion. With this idea, Bump Girl was born!

Having been a stay at home mom for two years prior to opening her first boutique, Carla understands the struggle of keeping up to date with fashion, especially during pregnancy! Throughout her bump months, she found herself wearing oversized shirts because the cheaper maternity clothes she found were either not flattering, or way too overpriced. The success of Saved by the Dress has allowed Carla to know the ins and outs of providing women with fashionable clothing at an affordable rate. This has allowed her and her husband to launch Bump Girl to help pregnant moms feel great throughout their pregnancy.

Meet Bill: Serial entrepreneur turned online rapidly growing women’s boutique owner. Bill, Chicago born met Carla by chance in Brazil where they married. The couple then moved to the US and settled in Miami, FL where they had their beautiful little girl in 2011. The power couple hasn’t stopped making moves in the fashion industry since Bill jumped on board with Carla’s vision when their daughter turned two, and they felt ready to take the leap into making the boutique a reality.

Since the rapid success of Saved by the Dress, they are both excited for their newest venture, offering maternity clothing to their customers. Bill, Carla and their dedicated team of employees work tirelessly every day to put customer service and experience at the forefront of their business model, and can’t wait to help you stay fashionable throughout your pregnancy!

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