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The Mission
At Bump Girl, we believe in making lasting change in the lives of children in need. For every cute outfit you purchase, you help make this mission possible. Together, we can enrich the lives of others by providing education, nourishment, empowerment, and Protection to children and their communities that need our help the most.
We donate 10% of net profits from your purchase to help create real and lasting change in the world. Together we are helping to:
Provide Clean Drinking Water
Having access to clean water should never be optional, and when you shop with Bump Girl, you help bring clean and safe drinking water to children and their communities who need it the most. For every cute item you purchase, you help sponsor multiple wells in developing countries every single year with our partner Charity: Water.
Rescue Children From Sex Trafficking
When you shop with Bump Girl, you can be part of the change. For every outfit you buy, you can help support Operation Underground Railroad, an organization that works tirelessly to rescue children from sex trafficking around the world. This amazing non-profit organization works with former navy seals, CIA and special ops teams. Your purchase today makes their mission possible, and you a part of the movement to end sex trafficking.
Give Education
Bump Girl has teamed up with Save The Children to get in on the action of making sure that every child gets the education and resources they need for a chance at a bright future. Part of your purchases will go towards making that a reality for millions of children around the world.
Support Hunger Relief
Save The Children has a mission of doing whatever it takes to save children, and we want to get in on the action! We have teamed up with Save the Children, and with your purchase today, you have made a difference in the life of a hungry child. With every purchase at Bump Girl, you help end childhood hunger.
Thank You For Making A Difference
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